Means and Ends for AI and for Faith

Does religion say anything about artificial intelligence?

That is our essential question, isn’t it? AI and faith seem like opposites. Indeed, twenty months ago, our early Founding Members decided on this name to play off a sense of unlikely bed fellows. We set out to demonstrate that, in fact, these two ways of thinking pair well in the quest for human flourishing.

A lot has happened since we launched.

Is AI intelligent, really?

Good question. On the surface, it seems simple enough. Assign any standard you like as a demonstration of intelligence, and then ask whether you could (theoretically) set up an AI to perform it. Sure, it seems common sense that given sufficiently advanced technology...

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

If someone walked up to me on the street and offered me $5 to take a picture of my face, I’d probably say yes. Wouldn’t you? Google has been doing just this for the past few weeks. Lately, people describe being approached at random to trade their face data for a $5...