Personal Perspectives

Why ‘AI and Faith’: The Tension Between Materialism and Faith

In his provocative book, The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity, Byron Reese inadvertently provides answers to a question for which answers are neither easy nor obvious: ‘why AI and faith’? AI resides, after all, (largely) in the realm of science and, more specifically, in the realm of (big) data. It is necessarily about algorithms and logic and rationality. It occupies the other end of the spectrum, seemingly, from faith — from things that are subjective, intangible, and unprovable.

Fake News

Drowning in Fake News and Bias In (even reasonably) normal times, Alex Jones would be the poster boy, par excellence, for fake news. On his Infowars website, and in a blizzard of social media, Mr. Jones has zealously promoted an alternative theory regarding what took...

The Soul of a New Machine?

Tracy Kidder’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning book, The Soul of a New Machine, came to mind recently as I read an article by Olivia Goldhill provocatively titled “Can Machines be Spiritual?” Inferentially in Kidder’s book, and explicitly in Goldhill’s piece, the issue...

AI, Facebook and Faith

Over the past few weeks, two blockbuster stories have competed for public attention. President Trump continues to generate, by any ordinary standards, an astonishing amount of headline coverage. There’s the ongoing Mueller/Russia investigation, of course. Now there’s...