AI and Faith Contributing Fellow Levi Checketts’ ‘Theology and Technology’ Book Published

Today, we’re highlighting the work of Levi Checketts, an Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University and a Contributing Fellow of AI and Faith. Levi has recently republished a collection of essays entitled Theology and Technology, Volume I and Volume II. It is tempting to think theology before 2015 is irrelevant for addressing AI, or that only an analogous application of major theologians—like Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, St Augustine—can help us think about new technologies. The essays in these two volumes, including original essays from the 1984 publication and contemporary reflections, provide foundational theological engagements with the broad category of modern technology. Readers will disagree with some of the essays—they are designed to present an array of attitudes, after all—but will find useful grounding for future reflection on the place of technology, including AI, within the life of the believer.

Mitcham_TheologyandTechnology_multititle (PDF)

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