September 1, 2018 Curated Content: Science and Soul

Science and the Soul,” Michael Egnor, Plough Quarterly, Summer 2018 Issue

Physician Michael Egnor writes how contemporary neuroscience research makes the case that the human mind is more than the brain, including both free will and a transcendent soul.


“Soon, the most beautiful people in the world may no longer be human,” Peter Holley, The Washington Post, August, 8, 2018

Holley documents the growing importance of digital humans — artificial, but real-looking, human representations — for consumer branding.


“How Sex Robots Could Revolutionize Marriage — for the Better,” Marina Adshade, Slate, August 14, 2018

Poses the question: What happens to marriage when sexbot technology provides a low-cost alternative to easy sexual access in marriage?


“Children ‘at risk of robot influence,’” BBC News, August 15, 2018
Brief news article regarding study demonstrating that children are easily influenced by interactions with robots.


“Inside the United Nations’ effort to regulate autonomous killer robots,” Sono Motoyama, The Verge, August 27, 2018

This is an interview with Amandeep Gill, chair of the United Nations’ Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) meetings on lethal autonomous weapons in which he lays out some of the key issues and concerns regarding autonomous weapons.


“Why Technology Favors Tyranny,” Yuval Noah Harari, The Atlantic, October 2018 Issue

Harari, author of the best-selling Homo Deus, argues that AI threatens to subvert democracy, including by erasing the advantage that open-market decision-making gave democracies over dictatorships.

Tim Weinhold

Tim Weinhold

has been a long time business leader in commercial real estate and more recently a speaker and author in numerous venues on integration of faith, work and better models for responsible business. Tim is a Red Sox fan from Boston where he graduated from Harvard.

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