AI Ethics and Society Conference This Week at Oxford – let us know if you’re involved

One of AI&F’s key ways  to “identify, connect, encourage and equip” faith perspectives on AI is  participation in major ethics conferences around AI, both those that overtly recognize contributions of faith values to AI ethics and those that do not.

The Fifth AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society is one of the most important in the latter category.  It’s happening this week at Oxford with panels like Towards Understanding Human-AI Relationships; The Cost of Ethical AI Development for AI Startups;  Artificial Moral Advisors: A New Perspective from Moral Psychology; and Responsible AI systems: Who are the stakeholders? At least two of our AI&F experts – Research Fellow Gretchen Huizinga and Advisor Michael Paulus – are attending in person at Oxford.  There is also a virtual participation option, doubtless used by a great many participants.

We at AI&F would love to hear from participants in the conference who are interested in integrating insights you are gaining with your own particular perspective of faith-based values and beliefs.  Please connect with us at

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