Seattle University’s Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies Joins AI and Faith

SeattleU LogoAI and Faith gained its eighth institutional partner on May 14 as Father Steven Sundborg, the University’s president, informed AI and Faith that the new Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies will be the vehicle for the University’s participation in our mission. The Initiative is a multidisciplinary program funded by a grant from Microsoft and includes as a key faculty member AI and Faith Founding Member Nathan Colaner, who teaches business ethics in the Albers School of Business.

The decision came as Seattle U’s Albers Business School hosted its annual Ethics Week, with this year’s theme on AI and Ethics. Distinguished visiting speakers included Prof David Danks, chair of the Philosophy Department at Carnegie Mellon University and a leading figure on ethics and technology, and Prof Solon Barocas of Cornell University, one of the co-founders of the national annual Fairness, Accessibility and Transparency Conference. AI and Faith is looking forward to catalyzing connections between all three of the major universities in Seattle which now have institutional partners in our consortium. In addition, AI and Faith is helping to connect Seattle University’s new Initiative with the longstanding work of fellow Jesuit school University of Santa Clara’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics where AI and Faith Founding Member Brian Green is the director of technology ethics.