Support AI&F’s Channel for Expert Faith Engagement with AI Ethics with a Year-End Gift

Please consider an end of the year fully-tax-deductible gift to AI&F to maintain and expand our “channel” into the ethics debate around AI in 2021.  AI and Faith is a Washington-incorporated tax-exempt nonprofit.  Your support will ensure our continuing active promotion of faith perspectives on AI for human flourishing in ways including these:

  • Funding research projects of our nine new Research Fellows and the leadership of our new Research Director, Dan Rasmus
  • Supporting the publication of our Newsletter and anticipated new, more dynamic publication of important articles and features edited by our Contributing Fellows/Members Content Team
  • Helping our Contributing Fellows for Programs bring the faith perspectives of our experts to major outside conferences, panels AI and Faith creates, as well as internal discussions and “salons” for our broader community around key developments and issues related to AI applications and ethical questions
  • Development of a communications plan to build a larger audience and sphere of influence
  • Upgrading our key digital communications tools for greater engagement and connection.
  • Laying the groundwork for hiring professional staff, including demonstrating a base for foundation support for sustainability.

You can make your gift online here.  Thanks so much for helping sustain our unique community and mission.

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