Virus Accelerates Work on On-Line Curriculum

Since last summer, our Founding Members Nathan Colaner and Michael Paulus have been comparing notes and outlining a four-class curriculum for use by faith congregations to introduce their congregants to how faith-based values matter for the development of ethical artificial intelligence.  Now that many faith congregations around the country have been forced by the coronavirus to congregate virtually, the utility of such a digital class for “virtual discussion” seems greater than ever.

Accordingly, using Microsoft Teams as a base, Nathan and Michael have accelerated work on the creation of this curriculum, adding Gretchen Huizinga of Microsoft, Dan Rasmus of Serious Insights, and recruiting additional team mates from our other faith traditions.  The goal is a practical and engaging curriculum that hits key ethical themes based on real world case studies.  Nathan’s role as a key creator of the popular Seattle University online course on AI and Business Ethics, Gretchen’s background as producer and host of the Microsoft Research podcast, and Dan and Michael’s background in online instruction all will be very helpful.  We are aiming for beta testing of the curriculum with several of our partner faith congregations in May.  More to follow.

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